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A New Approach to Raising Capital!

You’ve made it!  You’re safe! You can breathe again!

Unlike so many of our competitors, we’re not out to pick your pockets or pocketbooks. No one on The A+ Team will try to sell you, handle you, mangle you or even take your money without returning equal or greater value to you.  On that, you can depend; you have our word.

We know a lot about the subject matter of this site, which is raising money for companies, both of the startup and mature variety. Now, while we know a lot about raising money for companies, it’s not because we’re brilliant or have genius level IQ’s. It’s simply because our people have been doing this thing called “company finance” for what seems like forever.  And, fortunately for you, our prospective client, some of us have been blessed to have ringside seats (seated next to some truly exceptional people, giants, in fact) and to witness all of the ups, downs, ups, downs and ups and downs again of the players in this industry and how they artfully perform (or, in most cases, fail to artfully perform) the art (no science in it at all) of finance.

For example, for myself, I’ve been at this business, at the intersection of corporate transactions, securities and company finance, for a very long time.  My career in it spans four decades, longer than many of you out there have been alive. As a student of finance, I lived through the bear markets of the late sixties and early seventies. As a finance professional, I witnessed President Nixon and his Federal Reserve Chair, Arthur Burns, accelerate the printing of money and detach our currency from the last shred of its connection to gold, resulting in the inexorable climb of asset values coupled with the stagnation of worker wages. I witnessed first hand (principally by being involved as a plaintiff’s representative) the class action suits of the mid ’70’s against now prominent members of the mutual fund industry for their disreputable practice of “account churning” in order secure monetary “kickbacks” from the broker-dealers they employed to execute the trades on behalf of the funds’ customers.

Then in the 1980’s, while working with Wall Street, I personally experienced the impact that the bull markets of that decade, driven by the excessive greed of financial and corporate raiders engaging in hostile takeovers, would have on corporate America and how it would result in the subsequent dismemberment of some of America’s most storied companies. I saw the rise of junk bonds and the coronation of their king, Michael Miliken, his ultimate jailing and then the inevitable crash of that market in ’87. In the late ’90’s, I witnessed again, up close and personal, the explosion (and then implosion) of the dot-com’s.

With the turn of the century, I began working on deals with those organizations responsible for blowing up the economy in 2008.  By doing that, I learned, again first hand, how incredibly destructive defectively-designed financial products can become when driven by overarching greed, and then saw the inevitable affect those defective products would have on the housing bubble (then burst) in the “Great Recession” of 2008.  Most recently, I observed the rise (and, accurately predicted the subsequent thinning) of the unicorn herd. I’ve seen it all.

So, why is that important to you, you ask? Because, with me, and with the team that I have assembled, mentored and trained, you’ll be able to avoid the obvious potholes and dead ends that so many entrepreneurs fall into, or journey down, in their pursuit of funding for their companies.

We’ve named ourselves “The A+ Team” for a reason. Sure, it means we think we’re pretty terrific at what we do (giving ourselves an “A+” grade in comparison to our competition may seem like the height of arrogance, but I can assure you, when you consider the alternatives out there, our self anointment is anything but inaccurate). However, that’s not the most important reason why we’ve chosen the name we’ve chosen.

From the perspective of needed regulatory relief and reform when it comes to raising capital for new companies, in the last several years we’ve witnessed what can only be described as a revolution in the way capital can aggregated and then disbursed to those companies. For the first time since the 1930’s, normal people, members of the general public, regardless of their financial status or even their business acumen, are being allowed to invest in startups and in early stage companies. These companies are companies that are either private (and will continue to be so after investment by the general public) or will be “quasi-public” companies under a new regime implemented by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under authority of Title IV of the JOBS Act, a piece of legislation which was passed by the U.S. Congress in March of 2012 and signed by President Obama in April of that year.

Let me explain. Since September of 2013, we’ve been blessed with up to no less than six brand new ways of raising capital, all of which were both illegal and impossible to execute before that date. Of these six new ways, the most startling and unprecedented (in our opinion) is the new, so-called, “Regulation A+”. While we, as a team are exceptionally pleased that these new pathways to capital exist, we are particularly excited about the prospects for one of them, the Regulation A+ path. The reason is quite simple; it provides tremendous flexibility, value and self-determination to the entrepreneur and shifts power away from private equity which, despite its exalted position by the media, actually does very little to alleviate capital shortages when it comes to funding new businesses.

Thus, the name “The A+ Team”. While we stand ready to provide, along with our channel partners, all the services you’ll need to take advantage of any of these six new ways to obtain capital, we’re betting that for the most impressive of you out there, the culled herd, the true potential unicorns, the path that will be the one that you will most likely chose, will be Regulation A+.

Come talk to us and learn what you can about these new pathways and how we can help you to use them effectively and raise the money you need.

Ray Burrasca
March 28, 2016